Elsie Singmaster Society of Gettysburg

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Author Elsie Singmaster -
Winner of 1924 O. Henry Award and
1933 Newbery Honor Award 

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Mission Statement of the Elsie Singmaster Society of Gettysburg:

  "To enhance awareness of Elsie Singmaster, her writings, and her contributions to the Gettysburg community."

I.     Current Events and Society News

II.   The Elsie Singmaster Society of Gettysburg

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 I.  The Elsie Singmaster Society of Gettysburg is working hard to make the works of this local author accessible to all interested readers.  Her books and stories still have themes relevant for today.  Members of the society have been cataloging the manuscripts of her personal files at the Adams County Historical Society and entering them into Past Perfect for easy access.  We plan to begin monthly sessions of our Singmaster Book Club in the near future.

Currently (September /2017), interested members are meeting at the ACHS on Friday mornings to help catalog the Singmaster collections.  Also, copies of her magazine articles are being copied for a "Lending Library" of Singmaster stories.  All are welcome to come and see Elsie's personal manuscripts as well as meet with other interested readers.

Although this website has website addresses for a variety of her works, some of the links that worked when the site was launched may no longer be working.     You may want to copy and paste the website addresses to connect to the sites.  

!.  Previous news posts -.  The last formal meeting of the Elsie Singmaster Society of Gettysburg was  held on Tuesday, October 8, at 10:00 at  the Seminary.  Although our meetings are typically at the Lewars House on the Seminary campus, this special joint meeting was held at Valentine Hall. 

    The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the holdings of Elsie Singmaster materials at various historical, educational and informational locations throughout the state.  Special guests in  attendance were:

-Alan Singmaster, great-nephew of the author

-B Bohleke - Library Director and Archivist of Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

-Dale Eck - Director of the Macungie Historical Society

-Carolyn Sautter - Musselman Library at Gettysburg College

-Iren Snavely and Ellen Shenk - Pennsylvania State College Library

-Karla Trout and Dawn Smith of the Gettysburg Public Library System

II.  The Elsie Singmaster Society of Gettysburg emerged in 2013 when a group of dynamic and diverse local individuals met to share their love of books written by a talented and prolific author who contributed much to their town.  How exciting to find a circle of friends whose common thread is a patchwork of favorite books.

     Currently( prior to 2017) the group meets monthly on the second Tuesday morning at 10:00 in the Lewars House on the campus of Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary.  (Check the website for any change to this schedule.)  Over thirty literary aficionados have attended the various meetings over the past few years.   

    On October 22 of 2013, the Elsie Singmaster Society of Gettysburg was treated to a tour of the Lewars  House by Seminary President Michael Cooper White.  He graciously presented the group with a history of the stately home.  The three-acre lot was purchased from the Seminary by Elsie's father, a professor of religion, and later president of the facility.  (Previously he had lived in what is now called the Singmaster House, also on the campus.)  The elegant home was built in the 1920's and afforded Elsie Singmaster a wondrous view of the first day's battlefields.  How exciting to visit the very room where this talented author did much of her writing.

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