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     Although Elsie Singmaster's life spanned the years of 1879 to 1958, and her works describe even earlier time periods in American history, her words still live today in books and on-line resources.  She was recognized by her contemporaries as one of the outstanding authors of her time.  Major publications frequently featured reviews of her noteworthy books.   Her literary works have stood the test of time and can still be utilized today to interpret contemporary issues.

She spoke for those without a voice so their stories could be heard

She told about our people and events that had occurred

Some think her books are children's fare, historical but trite

That share a simple story, to transform and delight

But books by Elsie Singmaster speak volumes to us all

Her works inspire and educate, they captivate, enthrall

Links to Elsie Singmaster Writings - Free Online

     Local libraries have some books by Elsie Singmaster available, but many titles are located within special collections with limited access.  Fortunately many of her works are available online for free!  Due to copyright law stipulations, some of her books are not currently available online. But as the years go by, more titles will become available in the public domain.  In the meantime, enjoy the following!

Singmaster Books on Project Gutenberg - Just click the titles and read the books!


Singmaster, Elsie, 1879-1958  (Lewars, Harold, Mrs.)

Singmaster Books on other free sites - Same books but different formats


Online Books by Elsie Singmaster - This site includes the above titles plus:


"Martin Luther:  The Story of His Life"

"John Baring's House" (Gettysburg)

"Bennett Malin" (not available yet due to copyright - see site below for more copyright info) 

  ( https://www.hathitrust.org/help_copyright#RestrictedAccess )

Short Stories Online by Elsie Singmaster

Atlantic Narratives: Modern Short Stories; Second Series -

The Ishmaelite - a powerful 3-page story that appeared in The Century Magazine

The Survivors - a short story about Memorial Day

Other websites useful in locating Elsie Singmaster Works




Links to Resource Locations

Adams County Historical Society


Gettysburg College


Macungie Historical Society


Pennsylvania State University


The Pennsylvania Center for the Book

Macungie Historical Society


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